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After the Parade!

by Cindy Read 5 months ago in love poems · updated 4 months ago
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As it was, and what it can be!

In the Beginning!

Our genesis begins in the dark.

Despite our color, wealth, goodness or evil.

Innocent to the ways of the world,

Or what was placed in our heart.

Some are not given a fighting start.

Choices are made for us, when we are young.

Influencing our way.

Those choices are measured every day.

Globally we are judged.

Born a sinner; but aren’t we all?

Most are blind to that knowledge;

As once was I; fooled by those that lie.

Judging good and evil, according to me.

Such arrogance, such a fool.

Competing with the world to be seen.

Tic Tok, Snap Chat, Instagram;

These are not the stage for me.

Yet, what choices are left for the babes

They know no other way.

Life becomes a video, without privacy.

Extreme fantasies scripted, as in a play.

My youth was without the technology;

And still there were many mistakes I made.

The journey is not about the world outside.

It is about the work we do inside.

Darkness can be found in the light of day.

The truth is difficult to discern on the world stage.

Thus, we must pray, pray, pray!

Do you now turn away in disgust?

Because you have not heard about the light.

Because it is no longer considered a social must.

Have you not heard the Word of Jesus Christ?

Where once we were raised to see the light

The world decided it wasn’t right.

Do you not know that we become what we see?

We repeat what we hear, we embellish to please.

The darkness is prevalent, and the light is fading.

Truth is in a shadow, overcast, but waiting.

Making it difficult to see the candescence.

In the land of plenty, many are hungry.

Search for the light, within yourself

Take the time to find your inner meaning.

Love, hope, and faith can fill your soul.

Creating a spiritually connected feeling.

Privacy should be valued, and nature should be explored.

Learn about your true self, and respect others

Judge not others, and you will be judged

The fight has always been between good and evil.

Fear not, the truth will be shown soon

It can be found in the greatest book to date

Two thousand years, and still the story holds true.

The son of God on a donkey leading the parade

When you take your last breath, the cymbals will clang.

The funeral parade is over, and you will see the light,

If you take the time now to make it right!

Love, hope and faith will win the fight.


love poems

About the author

Cindy Read

I am Cindy, noting more and nothing less. Dichotomy describes me best. I love to create; and I love the sciences. I have a wild spirit that has calmed. I was born in Canada, but live in the USA and flit between. I am the Yin & the Yang.

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