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by Ashley Tong 4 years ago in surreal poetry
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Don't urge me to wear a smile that remains.

If lights can illuminate through chaotic chains

why can’t there be warmth under my face

Don't urge me to wear a smile that remains

or I shall shoot you, at a rather slow pace

You look at me secretly in disdain

when I am not completely insane

perhaps just a little in pain

but nothing I can’t contain

My script never instructed me to refrain

I should like to draw my own taste

just extinguish that bygone portrayal frame

and let your touch rebuild your preface

One can go by many names

but mine shall always stay the same

So please allow me to say

I just want to feel again

surreal poetry

About the author

Ashley Tong

If I were a painter, linguistics would be my palette, and poetry my favourite brush. If I were an artist, nature would be my muse, and music my companion, and I shall endeavour to depict life as I see it.


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