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A thirst that never satisfies

By Dr. KrissPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Photo by DiamondRehab Thailand on Unsplash

It starts with a curiosity
A desire to explore and feel
It turns into a dependency
A craving that seems so real

It grows with every indulgence
A habit that is hard to break
It feeds on every reluctance
A weakness that is easy to exploit

It blinds with every illusion
A fantasy that masks the truth
It hurts with every collision
A reality that scars the soul

It isolates with every rejection
A loneliness that fills the void
It manipulates with every deception
A lie that fuels the paranoia

It consumes with every obsession
A hunger that is never satisfied
It destroys with every regression
A failure that erodes the pride

It enslaves with every compulsion
A force that is hard to resist
It kills with every dissolution
A death that is hard to mourn

It ends with a recovery
A hope that is hard to find
It heals with a discovery
A love that is hard to define

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