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Use of acrostics with an example

By Geobra GeoffPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Acrostics are a form of word puzzle or poetry in which the first letter, syllable, or word of each line or paragraph, when read vertically, spells out a word, phrase, or message. Essentially, it involves hiding a message within the text by using the initial letters of each line.

In the context of puzzles, acrostics often consist of a series of clues, and the answers to those clues, when read in order, spell out a hidden message or solution. The answers to the clues are typically words or phrases that have a connection to the overall theme or topic of the puzzle.

Acrostics can also be used in poetry or other forms of creative writing. In this case, the initial letters of each line are carefully chosen to form a meaningful word or phrase that adds an additional layer of depth or symbolism to the poem.

Overall, acrostics are a clever and creative way of encoding messages or adding an element of challenge or intrigue to written works or puzzles.

Below, I'm offering an example based on something trendy on this website at the moment.

My distraction is...












But you can find examples of acrostics in various places, including puzzle books, websites, and literature. Here are a few sources where you can find examples of acrostics:

1. Puzzle Books: Look for puzzle books specifically dedicated to acrostics or collections of word puzzles. These books often contain a variety of acrostic puzzles for you to solve.

2. Online Puzzle Websites: Many websites offer acrostic puzzles for free or as part of a subscription. Websites like Acrostics.org, Puzzle Baron, and Acrostic Puzzles by Brendan Emmett Quigley provide regular updates of acrostic puzzles that you can solve online.

3. Poetry Collections: Acrostics can also be found in poetry collections, particularly in poems where the initial letters of each line spell out a word or phrase. Explore poetry books or websites that feature creative or experimental poetry, and you may come across acrostic examples.

4. Wordplay Magazines: Magazines dedicated to word puzzles and games often include acrostic puzzles or provide examples and explanations of different types of wordplay, including acrostics.

5. Online Communities and Forums: Joining online puzzle or wordplay communities can be a great way to discover examples of acrostics. Participating in forums or social media groups dedicated to word puzzles or brain teasers allows you to interact with fellow puzzle enthusiasts who may share their own acrostic creations.

Remember that acrostics can vary in difficulty and style, so exploring different sources will expose you to a wider range of examples.

Acrostics in popular games:

In Scrabble, acrostics are not a specific rule or element of the game. Scrabble is a word game where players form words using letter tiles on a game board, earning points based on the letters used and their placement on bonus squares.

However, you can still incorporate acrostic elements in your approach to playing Scrabble by strategically using the initial letters of words to form additional words or to gain an advantage.

For example, if you have the word "FRIEND" on your rack, you can look for opportunities to play it in a way that forms an acrostic. Placing it vertically, you could form the words "FRIEND," "RINK," "ICE," "EDGE," "NEST," and "DREAM" by connecting other tiles on the board. This way, you're maximizing your score by not only playing "FRIEND" but also creating additional words in the process.

While not a specific rule, incorporating acrostic elements in your Scrabble strategy can add an extra layer of creativity and tactical thinking to the game.

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