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Ache in my Heart

Loss and Grief

By Mutahir AhsanPublished 6 months ago 1 min read

Loss and grief, like a stormy sea,

The waves of emotions, crashing over me,

Tears that flow, like the rain in the night,

The ache in my heart, a constant fight.

The memories of a loved one, so dear,

The sound of their voice, forever clear,

The laughter we shared, the love we knew,

Now a distant echo, a painful view.

The emptiness inside, so vast and wide,

The longing for one last embrace, by my side,

The questions that linger, with no reply,

A hurt that can't be soothed, with a simple lie.

But in the depths of sorrow, I find,

The love that never fades, always kind,

The memories that keep the spirit alive,

The legacy that forever thrives.

For loss and grief may be a storm,

But they can't destroy the love that was born,

In the heart of a loved one, now gone,

For that love forever lives on.

So let the tears fall, let the heart grieve,

For in that pain, we can still believe,

That love is stronger than any loss,

And it's that love that will carry us across.

For in the end, we will meet again,

In a place where love and joy never end,

Until then, we hold onto the love we knew,

For that love will forever see us through.

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