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About The Gray

Distinguishing or Distraction

By Fabraye Fisher MuhammadPublished 12 months ago 1 min read

Don’t let the gray in my hair fool you

Instantly assuming an outdatedness as inherent with age

Stagnated by ancient paradigms and rigidity in thinking

Take age out of the equation and you might actually see me for who I am

Ripe for recognition of the times endured, lessons learned and love extended

Accept me for what you feel when in my presence

Categorize me with longevity and abundance

Take from my life the jewels of experience as roadmaps for failure and success

Institutionalize tolerance and acceptance of diversity as your mindset

Opening to the benefit of focus and ability to

Notice my existence without the distraction of gray strands, as they distinguish, but do not define me


About the Creator

Fabraye Fisher Muhammad

Writing has always been my favorite form of Creative Expression. I am so excited to now embrace and share My Passion with others of like-spirit. I hope you enjoy my works as much I am enjoying creating them. Peace & Blessings!

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