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By BUSHRA TANVIRPublished about a year ago 1 min read
#motherhood #singlemother #daughtersplea

In the depths of her anguish, her tears fall like rain,

A daughter, forsaken, in unbearable pain.

Blood relations, once close, now turned a blind eye,

As she suffers and weeps, left alone to cry.

With trembling voice, she pleads to the skies above,

"Oh Allah, don't forsake me, show me Your love.

For everyone has abandoned, left me to despair,

Embrace me with Your presence, show me You're there."

Her heart heavy with sorrow, burdened by strife,

She yearns for compassion, a glimmer of life.

Her children beside her, innocent and small,

In their eyes, she sees hope, the greatest gift of all.

In the depths of her darkness, a flicker of light,

A beacon of solace, piercing through the night.

For Allah hears her cries, in the depths of her plea,

Wrapping her in His love, setting her spirit free.

She finds strength within, despite the pain she endures, Nurturing her children, their love ever pure.

Though blood relations falter, their love fades away,

In her arms, they find solace, a safe place to stay.

Together they'll weather the storms that may come,

With God as their guide, they won't come undone.

For in their unity, they'll rise above strife,

Rebuilding their lives with resilience and life.

So let the tears flow, let the pain slowly fade,

For a daughter's heart, in love, will be remade.

And as she looks up to the heavens above,

She finds comfort in knowing she's embraced by Lord's love.


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