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A Weed or Flower

A Poem

By River GranaPublished 6 years ago 1 min read
photo by River Grana

The flowers bloom and the weeds are no longer tame, but there seems to be a hesitation for you to greet them the same

The normality in society is a perfect contradiction to nature. the way the world turns and the way I take my final form are completely related to how society may mature.

Now "old" knowledge stemming from the white mans brain has rooted us to the ground drowning us in a perpetual rain.

You cut at our stems as we begin to bloom because you cannot bare to hear our voices fill the room.

Our lives are expendable like a weed in your garden but we continue to grow. I sit here with hope that my blossoms will feed and continue to show

It is not a phase, a sin, or a disgrace, but I find myself still hiding just to save face.

I hide and burrow into the ground because I am frightened to show you what I have found

This new truth that was shown to me would give you every reason to turn and flee.

Now that I have fully bloomed and you see that weeds can be flowers too, and that the things the world once thought do not have to be true.

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About the Creator

River Grana

I am a student, community organizer, and poet. I have always found a home in my journal, and I am happy to share it with you.

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