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A Walk to Follow

by: Up Upshur

By Up UpshurPublished about a month ago 1 min read

As the Eskimo walks through the snow so wide,

Leaving behind a path, a trail to guide,

A canvas of white, unmarked and pure,

In this frozen world, an adventure to ensure.

Each step a story, a tale untold,

In the frigid silence, where secrets unfold,

Footprints etched in the glistening ice,

A testament to courage, to nature's precise.

The snowflakes fall, like feathers in flight,

Whispering secrets in the stillness of night,

They paint a picture, a chronicle so deep,

In the heart of winter, where dreams softly sleep.

With every stride, a connection to the land,

A dance with the elements, both hand in hand,

The Eskimo's journey, a symphony of grace,

Leaving behind a trail, a wondrous embrace.

In the wilderness vast, where the cold winds blow,

This trail in the snow, like a lifeline will show,

Through valleys and mountains, o'er rivers that flow,

The Eskimo's story, in each print we'll bestow.

So follow the path, where adventure does gleam,

Where the Eskimo's spirit finds room to dream,

In the snow-covered world, where legends are born,

The trail in the snow, a testament worn.


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    UUWritten by Up Upshur

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