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A Visiting Stranger

Whispers of A Celestial Wanderer

By Uphill MindPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
A Visiting Stranger
Photo by Nick Dunlap on Unsplash

Once, at midnight

I woke with a start

With an unearthly feeling to be out in the air

I had to obey or die, so I felt

Once out, I took in the darkness

The, moon and the stars, the only light

Then I saw a movement among the trees

A tride of the eyes, I said to myself

A man stepped out

Dressed in the oldest fashion

He started forward

I felt terror and began to run

But fast, I wasn’t

And was held by the stranger

Who meant no harm, so he said

Only exploring the untamed world

Tales were told of a world

Beyond my imagination seemed to grasp

Such wild dreams, I said with wild laugh

As the tales were told

For my wild smirk

Well someday you’ll see

What I see, were the words

That countered

Fast friends, we became

During the hours before dawn

Daybreak came, he had to return

But promised to visit again

I told the tale to all who cared

Naught but a dream

Were words of all

But I believed not their words

The stranger never returned

Years passed, but still,

I would not accept it a dream

“the stranger exists”, I always say

Old age’s come, I realized

The stranger was a shooting star

Rarely seen, or may never seen

A lucky sight, I saw

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