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A Test of Love

Love is True

By Josh E.Published 5 months ago 1 min read
A Test of Love
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I know how far we have gone

In time our love has seen a pain

Too raw for even my own eyes to bear

But it is true, the test we have seen

Has been the part of love pure in mind

It has set out what rule had been torn -

From stem, the leaf will wilt on its own.

As days pass by my very eyes,

I have seen the very peak

The one our love has to rise to

To be able to come back from ache.

It is a vile hike

One of rich evil

And face the dark our love shall do,

But the edge to stab the thug

Who has our fate in its grip

Our love will be.

Life can try to hurt us

But it is weak in its own vice

For our bond is firm and true,

And will not be lost to some fool

Who did not know the love we have.

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  • Cassie Rose5 months ago

    A beautiful poem! A great testament to the challenges of love. It also flows brilliantly for a poem of only 4 letter words :)

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