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A Story of Mine

One I'm sure many of you share

By Eduardo Pecina, Jr.Published 2 months ago 1 min read

In a crowded street, where the lights were bright

I met a girl, a rare and precious sight

With eyes that sparkled, and a smile so sweet

I knew in that moment, my heart she'd meet

I couldn't help but stare, in awe and wonder

For her beauty was rare, and made my steps blunder

I needed to know her, had to make her mine

So I approached her, with a heart full of shine

At first, she was wary, and kept her distance

But I was determined, and somewhat persistent

I wooed her with words, and my soul's storyline

And soon her heart, to mine she did bind

With each passing day, our love did grow

Like a rare and precious flower, that's hard to know

We laughed and loved, and shared our dreams

I was her king and she was my queen

As we walked hand in hand, under the stars above

I knew that our love was pure like a dove

And in her eyes, I saw my reflection

And I knew that our love, was the rarest connection

Now as we stand together, on the edge of forever

I know that our love, is a precious treasure

A love that's rare, a bond that's true

Forever and always, my heart is for you.

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About the Creator

Eduardo Pecina, Jr.

Polyglot Programming Pianist :P

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