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A Star-Farer's Odyssey

An astronaut's journey through the vastness of the galaxy and the depths of the human soul

By Beyond the BrightnessPublished about a year ago 1 min read
A Star-Farer's Odyssey
Photo by Kobby Mendez on Unsplash

In a galaxy far, far away,

An astronaut floats in silence,

Gazing out at the endless expanse

Of stars and nebulas in defiance.

With each passing day,

He feels the weight of isolation,

But the beauty of the universe

Is a sweet compensation.

He travels through the void,

A tiny speck in the vastness,

But in this infinite darkness,

His spirit shines with steadfastness.

He thinks of home,

And those he left behind,

But in this journey,

He's one of a kind.

He's a stranger in a strange land,

But in this cosmic isolation,

He finds a deeper understanding

Of his place in the grand equation.

As he looks up at the stars,

He feels a sense of awe,

For he knows that he's a part

Of something greater than before.

So he continues on his journey,

With hope in his heart,

For he knows that in this vast universe,

He's just taking part.

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About the Creator

Beyond the Brightness

Hi, welcome to my story page. I write what I have experienced in life, its directly from my heart. We all are connected like the stars and hence we share so many emotions and feelings. Let's feel in those words.

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