A Soul's Light

A Poem

A Soul's Light

A Soul's Light

A sky full of stars

an ocean packed with dreams


Here I sit in my old wooden boat

Bursting at the seams.

I fish for dreams

While I wish on stars.


That maybe, just maybe

I'll end up where they are.

But the Moon rejects me

That Goddess of Night.

She tells me she has no place for me,

For someone who has no light.

This is HER night sky she sings

And her rule goes.

How could I possibly be placed among her stars,

When my inner light hardly glows from within my soul.

So I look to the fish

Swimming deep in their dreams.

PRAYING that my chances...

Are better than they seem.

They flip their tails in mock and jest.

They sing to me,

"You have no scales to shine in the sun,

To glitter deep in the sea.

No scales to show how beautiful one can be."

So I sit in my boat and I weep

and weep.

Unable to keep the sadness from

piercing my heart so deep.

And then...

I hear a twinkling laughter

and a warmth I had never known.

To my heart's delight,

The SUN to my side had flown.

He heard my sadness,

Each wish and dream.

He whispered to me that he knew,

HE KNEW I was more than I seem.

He spoke—his voice so strong and warm.

He told me I had a place in HIS sky

where my dreams could take fly and take form.

So together we rose,

my soul's light bursting from head to toe.

I had found my place in the sky above,

A place where my heart was filled

With happiness and love.

The moon no longer scoffs,

The fish no longer jest.

For the light that warms their ocean—


The light that gives the moon and her stars a rest—

That light,

BURSTS forth from MY chest!

performance poetry
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