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A Simple Bird to His Simple People


By Biyanke' KPublished 6 years ago 1 min read
"Secrets of the Earth"

Raising my wings I stretched

as the golden rays of the vibrant Sun defines the dawn

hits the forest with luminous hue

setting my wings ablaze.

Igniting all these Beige, Gold, Auburn, White

All dazzeling as to blur

only to catch the eyes of my lover;

For my beauty is for my mate.

On Flight as I inspect;

"E’e' there she go..."

Oh! To her people I see

That is also where my heart is:

Then she must be where my heart is


Just like the Fire out of Wonder Women

Beautiful souls everywhere in my forest

most-our kind, some-the other kind, a few-unkind

All in this Amazingly Gracious perfectly messy Universe!

I see a space; a space harmonious;

It is only moments in a day:

like "collecting pennies from heaven": Paradisaeidae

All we got is Now

Yesterday left a minute ago.

Tomorrow never promises

It is Us and Pacific Oceans of forests

Pasin PNG-nurturer: Love!

Love like the fruit named Gratitude

for a dragon-winged sister named Waip

Love that's Majestically magic;

I morphed into an Eagle (Kera Ndua!)

and far away into other forests I go

A jittery landing on a sweet Kentucky Coffeetree-

I rested on the Love in me

I preened for perfection, I whistled my song

I hopped, I danced, I put-on.

My pursuit: for her foremost–

The caretaker of my Soul while I battle on this earth.

But for Them too

The stage is set,

the Show-Our Craft

Sing like Us, dance like Us

Be fervent in the Tari Huli Mali,

Sway gracefully in the Papuan Hula

Arise and imitate the supreme of your Forest,

Dress and show, now, Our Beauty

Bilas PNG!-the World is still watching

Waiting for you with their tended-gardens of Crane Flowers:

e pluribus unum!

nature poetry

About the Creator

Biyanke' K

Keep your cup runneth over... #SpreadLove with #aBeat #poet

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