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A Secret Garden Where Roses Bloom

A Secret Garden Where Roses Bloom

By yassmina fleurPublished about a month ago 1 min read

My heart, a garden, locked away and cold,

Where weeds grew rampant, a story yet untold.

Then, like a gentle breeze, a whisper soft and low,

Your love unlocked the gate, and helped the roses grow.

Sunlight streamed in, on fertile, loving ground,

Nurturing emotions, with a tender, joyful sound.

Red roses bloomed, with passion fierce and true,

Pink roses whispered secrets only we knew.

Butterflies danced, on petals soft and bright,

A fragrant haven, bathed in loving light.

But gardens change, and seasons come and go,

Will these first blooms of love, forever grow?

Though winter's frost may touch the tender stems,

The roots of love run deep, where memory condemns.

For in that secret garden, a fragrance will remain,

A whisper of your love, a memory that won't wane

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