A Rock Poem

To My Love

A Rock Poem

You've become my way to escape

It seems as if fate put you in my path to change my mental state

Inside my mind exists a consistent debate between my past mistakes and the ones I've yet to make

For a long time, I committed the crime of locking up my mind,

I wrapped it in chains and threw it in a cage,

As the days progressed, so did my rage

I was so angry at the way the world was

There were days my mind was lost in the buzz

To the hum, of blood rushing to my head

Darkness so heavy, I'd rather go to sleep twice than ever get out of bed.

Numb, in every finger and both thumbs,

Dumb, I felt absolutely stunned that I could feel sadness for so long.

I was lost, and I wandered and fell

Off the side of a Cliff that leads all the way to hell

And somewhere along the way Down, I managed to reach out and grab a rock

I looked up in shock and saw how far I had To climb up and it scared me

I was almost tempted to just let go and fall again.

The rock that held me up above everything that pulled me down was many things at that moment.

It was my family and friends.

It was the desire I had to see life through a beautiful lens

It was the love I had always received from the moment I was conceived to the moment of my end.

My mother's warmth gently fell over my heart reminding me that you can be kind even when everything around you is harsh

My father's wisdom kept me smart, constantly telling me that you only really lose if you only ever start

Continue to persevere through the years though it is severe, have no fear, my dear, that you will find joy

The unconditional brotherhood I share with my kin

Could pull me up from any sin, absolve my soul and make me feel alive again.

Somewhere along my climb back to myself, I happened upon you.

Now its been a while since I started my journey back to being me, and dissolving all my hate

And in the little time, we've spent together, I feel like you've become my way to escape

Your mind, while I've come to only know the surface

Has sparked embers in my eyes that burn brighter when I see you smile

It's still early on in the rest of our lives so this poem isn't really a 'love' poem. It's a rock poem.

I think you may be the stone on the cliff because when I am with you,

the weight of the world does not seem so strong.

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Stephen Chan Wah

Trinidadian Writer, currently residing in Toronto. The dream is to change lives with words and concepts, if in any way at all for the better. If you take the time to read any of my pieces, you have my most sincere gratitude :D 

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