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A Rainbow Mission

by CreativeKee about a year ago in inspirational
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The Colours of Love...

A Rainbow Mission
Photo by Jordan on Unsplash

We are all one.

But how do I tell them?

We won't end a war by fighting more and more.

But how can I show them?

Time is all in their mind, there is no future or past.

But won't being in the present be presented as a ceaseless task?

It will...and it must!

I have a plan.

My life will lay out the blueprint.

I will be the lesson we are all here to learn.

My eyes have seen the horrors of injustices in communities near and far.

Yet still, I see Love.

My body has endured the abuse of those it once felt the most comfortable around.

Yet still, I feel Love.

My tongue has touched the poisons meant to destroy me from the inside out.

Yet all I taste is Love.

My ears have been soiled by the racial slurs intended to belittle my spirit and cripple my soul.

But all I hear is Love.

I can smell the chemicals in the air slowly engulfing my airways with pollution.

And still, I choose to smell Love.

To overcome all things meant for my destruction I embrace the present.

I give thanks to the experience, no matter how painful, because it taught me something in the moment and I got through it.

I choose to see, be, feel, give, receive, and teach love in all that I do or encounter in my life.

I have a plan...

More of a mission rather...

To make everyone a rainbow.

So no matter how hard it rains on your side of town; all you see in the present moment is the source of light shining through to radiate the colours inside you.

And it will always be..... The Colours of Love.

Love conquers all therefore there is nothing left except to just be....Love.


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