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A Pro-Choice Poem: How Dare You?

A woman’s reproductive rights are HER choices.

By Jason ProvencioPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Jasmine on Unsplash

Because of your religious ways,

You take us back to ancient days.

How dare you?

What gives you the right, to tell me,

What to do with MY body?

How dare you?

You think you’re just, you think you’re right,

You feel in charge because you’re white.

How dare you?

Forcing women to give birth,

No matter where we live, on this Earth.

How dare you?

Because you’re born, with a dick

You think you have the right to pick.

How dare you?

I get raped, or my health’s in danger

You expect me to fill a manger.

How dare you?

You claim to care about the innocent,

But once they’re born, you won’t spend a cent.

How dare you?

Because I’ve always been Pro-Choice,

You think I shouldn’t have a voice.

How dare you?

The arrogance of your people is clear,

The time for us to vote is near.

How dare you?

Losing rights, to the moral majority,

Even though you’re in the minority.

How dare you?

You want to save the unborn, yet you’re unaware,

There are almost one million children in foster care.

How dare you?

Don’t want an abortion? Don’t get one,

Your control of our choices, we will shun.

How dare you?

You want to steal a woman’s reproductive right,

We’ll battle you on this, prepare for a fight.

How dare you?

I will not respect your antiquated view,

We stand against you, and not just a few.

How dare you?

For people who claim to hate those who control,

You seem to have lost your hypocritical soul.

How dare you?

You try to take my right to choose,

Just you wait, this battle you’ll lose.

How dare you?

It’s never been about being pro-life,

It’s about control, and I’m not your wife.

How dare you?

What’s next in this, mandatory vasectomy?

Your Pro-Life crowd is losing touch with reality.

How dare you?

You say you want to give the unborn a voice,

And you’ll take away the mother’s choice.

How dare you?

Worry about you, your family, yourself.

I’ll do the same, for my health, for myself.

How dare you?

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