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A Poetic Flight of Fancy

Birds of Beauty

By Suresh NatarajanPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
A Poetic Flight of Fancy
Photo by Thomas Willmott on Unsplash

Lot of colorful birds…

Lot’s of birds… Say it now!

A lot of varieties are living here, dear.

Two desire-less doves.

Two doves… Say it now.. are looking for some pleasures.

All the other birds that saw these doves.

Other birds… Say it now

Flew down from forest and started following them.

Now all those birds from forest.

All those birds… Say it now.

are singing the praises of the land in the south.

One of the bird that flew here

One of the bird… Say it now

just stopped by.

Looking at it, the other birds.

The other birds… Say it now.

Voluntarily stood there.

If everyone makes…

Makes way… Say it now

I shall be with you my love.

The colorful parrot

The parrot… Say it now

Is singing the tune of the season.

All the beautiful peacocks

Beautiful ones… Say it now

Their dance will make all you dance too.

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Suresh Natarajan

Welcome to my page where I share my love for the Bible. I am a deeply faithful person, and it brings me great joy to share the lessons I've learned through my faith. Join me as I explore biblical stories and daily prayer! Please Subscribe!

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