A Poem of a Healthy Relationship

by luz corado 3 years ago in love poems

I wrote this because I've never been able to obtain something like this.

A Poem of a Healthy Relationship

A healthy relationship

Is something everyone wants

Someone who has you back

Someone to love you regard your flaws

Someone you can talk to about absolutely anything and everything

Is that what healthy relationship is?

Just that?

Then it should be easy to have, right?


A healthy relationship is this

Its someone who wouldn’t only have your back but your front as well

Its someone who loves you and doesn’t see flaws, acknowledge them but doesn’t notice them

its someone who you can talk to about anything, will listen and see the conversation going

Its someone who will not only be your “person” but your fav “person”

Your go to

The person who you can act silly with

And get serious with

The person who can talk to you as well

The person you love as well

The person that makes you smile so hard your cheeks hurt

It's a relationship where you feel safe, not being judged,

You feel you

A healthy relationship is having self love for yourself so you can love others

A healthy relationship

Something everyone wants

But most importantly, what you should want with yourself.

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luz corado
luz corado
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