A Poem Before Bed

by Em E. Lee about a year ago in performance poetry

Let go. You deserve to.

A Poem Before Bed
Photo of the full moon, taken by Em E. Lee on September 11, 2019.

Look out.

See the blue as it fades to orange

then to blanket black.

Let it wrap around you until

you float towards the oblivion

where everyone goes to escape.

You deserve it.

Find the warmest star

your calmest hope

and sink in

until the sharpest edges dull to flower petals that

brush your skin and

kiss your face.

Grab hold with an untensed mind

and take off with it–

Let it bathe you in its dark light

help air in, out–

Let it help you–

Let it carry you

That is its job

When you have no job but to

let it carry you into

When you reach it

your oblivion

what will you see?

Several years past,

blazing lights,

peals of laughter,

incredible sights that

you can only see in the dark.

Find them.

Lift yourself away,


performance poetry
Em E. Lee
Em E. Lee
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