Silent Haze

by Em E. Lee 11 months ago in surreal poetry

We've all felt it descend on us.

Silent Haze
Painting by Em E. Lee, created with Clip Studio Paint

clouds of haze loom

thick like Amazonian sand

clearest in the screen glare yet

hidden from our eyes by minds

Why was I so excited for this?

to rush is our default

to rush run swipe think sink jump slam

stress is an old friend

"content" is an old forgotten acquaintance

Gray is the state

while the clouds loom above

drifting ever closer

to envelop the minds

Why can't this day be over already?

dense clouds

a fire would be nice


find what makes fine

one minus a million cells

what's the opposite?

I can't take this.

oxygen leaves

will it ever return?

brain matters

are they worth the guillotines?

I want to go home.

these clouds

this silence crushes

every soulsong


I know you've felt them

the silences

the clouds


hunting in the silence

waiting to descend with you

sink in deep

choke the veins

I know you've felt them

even though I don't know you

but I know you feel

and you must do something about it

Everything is okay.

surreal poetry
Em E. Lee
Em E. Lee
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