A Poem

I was sick one night and I wrote this.

A Poem

Tonight I lay here

Holding my head

When I'd rather feel

Your warm embrace instead

My nose how it hurts

My teeth they ache too

But I still cannot help

Thinking of you

Your soft subtle lips

The curls on your head

And the way that you feel

I long for your kiss

The most basic bliss

But instead of you tonight

God gave me this

A cold or a flu

An aching ear or two

A migraine and some meds

Oh what can I do

My ears how they ring

How I'd love to hear you sing

All of this leading to

A sleepless night, well another I guess

Tonight I lay here

Longing for rest

sad poetry
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Breanna Thiffeault

I just write poems down in my notes sometimes when I come up with them. Nothing special really, appreciate the future support

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