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A Place I'd Like to Be Right Now

Somewhere in Newfoundland and Labrador

By Roy StevensPublished 4 months ago 2 min read
Cape St. Mary's

I wish it was time and I could be there right now,

With salt of the sea and brimstone of guano,

Deep in my throat and tasting somehow,

Of all the fish in all the seas that slam hard below,

To wash away the ancient granite cliff bases,

Where ice cold splashes dash hard against rock,

And reach up beckoning to youthful faces,

From roaring growlers which grumble and mock,

Humanity's dominion in the long chill of time,

When we'll be just a memory like sea foam and rime.

By Phil Botha on Unsplash

From clifftop yellow streaks on heads glaring white,

Black-tipped wings fold back in terminal dive,

Splash! Fountains, geysers of spume in the light,

of morning where teeming waves of gannets thrive,

In their thousands all here together they scream,

And call, argue, fuss, fight, eat and bicker,

While the guillemots, cormorants and puffins stream.

Across trade winds shouting, they race to be quicker,

To catch food to give to the hungry mouths gaping,

In cliff side nests dangling many hundreds of feet,

Over ice-cold deep ocean the cold current shaping,

the type of each food, each morsel, each treat.

It's the altar of the future, life's next generation,

A cacophony of clamouring, a whole winged nation.

Atlantic Puffins (Hilarious to watch them landing!)

To dangle my feet over the gulf vast and yawning,

My hands on the cool loam in tall smothering grass,

With the burn of the sun looming long after dawning,

And the hint in the wind as it pushes to pass,

Through these high canyons roiling with so many wings,

By the call of the icy Labrador current streaming south,

From much further northward where the gyrfalcon sings,

Of the taste of raw seal blubber oily, rubbery in my mouth.

But back here at St. Mary's I listen to the whales,

As they whoosh for their breath and slap their great tails.

By Bart on Unsplash

It is here in this place while it's so boiling with life,

Listening to the wild flutter of puffin wings flapping,

That I long to go now far from the pointless screened strife,

To where cormorants race over Basking sharks napping.

Those cliffs are still out there in the cold Atlantic swell,

Upon them my thoughts linger, drift, fly high and then dwell.

Cape St. Mary's

Well folks, I got what I believe is my last publisher rejection letter today, (I'll have to check my records to be sure) so I needed to take a trip to one of my happiest places. Thanks for coming along.

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Comments (11)

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  • Lamar Wiggins4 months ago

    Glad you found your happy place, Roy. Turns out, Your happy place is contagious and brought me happiness reading along with the vivid scenery you constructed. And I now know what a cormorant is, lol. A rejection is just another opportunity to search for the path not yet taken. A path that leads to the success you seek. Best of luck!!! 💖

  • Naomi Gold4 months ago

    Well damn… what a gift to go from rejection and the feelings that come with it to the creation of such an evocative poem. I think i would have to be in a great mood to write something this magical, with the power to transport readers. But maybe I should give it a try anyways. You have inspired me.

  • Donna Fox4 months ago

    Roy, this was amazing! You did a beautiful playing on the senses with your descriptive language, that gave the reader the feeling as though they were right there with you! I also love that you were able to insert a seamless and flawless rhyme scheme within this journey! I made the whole story have a flow that felt ethereal and otherworldly. Rejection letter suck!! But good for you for still putting yourself out there, I haven't gotten the courage to do so yet! So I am proud of you for the courage to keep trying and take the risk!

  • L.C. Schäfer4 months ago

    Oh I felt like I was there! Rejection letters can jump in the shredder 💔

  • Cathy holmes4 months ago

    Beautiful piece, except for that end part of course. And now, I want to go home.

  • River Joy4 months ago

    Awesome poem. I could imagine the place, I'm glad you have that beauty to fall back on. Sorry about the publisher, keep trying, it's frustrating for sure, I hope it's not the last but just the last for this round. Your voice is valuable!

  • Oh no, I'm so sorry about the rejection! 🥺 I hope writing this wonderful poem made you feel better

  • Awesome and I Love the pictures as well...

  • Babs Iverson4 months ago

    Brilliant & beautiful!! Loved it!!!💖💖💕

  • Ahna Lewis4 months ago

    Beautiful words and beautiful scenery! Truly seems like a magical place!

  • Donna Renee4 months ago

    Ahhh Roy, I was totally loving this up til your note at the end!! 😢

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