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A Night Of Fateful Destiny

by Silena Le Beau 5 months ago in love poems · updated 5 months ago
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Falling in love with your partner can sometimes come out of the blue.

Do you believe in love at first sight

Some may say its a myth

Simply because they have yet to experience

Something so sweet, healing and profound

Something that is one of a kind

And can withstand the test of time and last a lifetime

That's what happen when I met my King

The connection between us was mutual

Happened rather quickly, almost instantaneously

There we were, both alone at the local pier in NYC

Destined to meet that fateful night

We locked eyes as soon as he walked by

My heart began to race, my palms began to sweat

I was mesmerized by him and caught in a trance

I feared I had embarrassed myself

Not knowing until later that he felt the same

Unknowingly he came up to ask my name

As he introduced himself and shook my hand

He ever so gently slipped me his number

That was one night that I didn't want to end

We've been inseparable ever since

Who knew that I'd meet the man of my dreams

That would ask for my hand in marriage and complete me.

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About the author

Silena Le Beau

She expresses her gift of writing through each piece. She studied writing in college and has been inspiring people for 20 years. She gives back to the community & enriches them with enlightenment. Philanthropist, Empath and Nature lover.

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