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A Movement is What’s Needed

by Lindsay Bruce 3 years ago in love poems

A Poem for Change

No longer is a period the grammar we must use.

It time to change the narrative, full stops we must refuse.

Boxes are not suitable, labels fail us also

What we need is change, you see, a movement even more so.

A movement not a project. It cannot become static.

It needs to move and mould and sway; its privilege? To be erratic.

A movement not a process. Life changes, as does learning.

It needs to be dynamic to scratch the itch from which we’re yearning.

A movement is what’s needed, for solidarity with each other.

Refusing to be classified...

You’re my sister

You’re my brother

How can I then allow the tag of normal versus not

When conformity to uniformity is why our wars were fought

A movement is what’s needed for blinkers to be gone.

But it will shatter everything before its light will dawn.

Education will be challenged, scrutiny over health

Even language will be needed to embrace this new form ‘self’

A movement is what’s needed so our kin we don’t exclude

So isolation’s not our default, so hate we don’t exude.

Our difference is our default, it should apply to all

We could even reject divergent, refuse to build the wall.

A movement is what’s needed so those previously confined

Become our peers, our equals, the gold as yet unmined.

No longer is a period the grammar we must use

It’s time to change the narrative, full stops we must refuse.

love poems

Lindsay Bruce

Writer, journalist, speaker, woman of faith, mum, aunty, wife and friend. Pathological peacemaker. Borderline oversharer. I love to have conversations that can spark change. Still believe the pen is mightier than the sword.

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Lindsay Bruce
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