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A Mother's Love


By AdonShar For RealPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
A Mother's Love
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A Mother's Love

Through it all I'll always Love U

The arguments led to shaky times

The heart aches made me contemplate

I know there are others who can relate

A mother's love is never too late

The cries I brushed off and hide

Had me feeling abused and misused

The girls I dated reminded me of U

Hurt and narcissistic: I didn't risk it

The drama I went through

I finally have a clue

I shouldn't have tried to make Them U

The lies and deceit wore me down

I walked around with a frown

Everyone called me a clown

Had me feeling depressed and stressed

Only wanted U to see me like the others

Your child who grew up without a mother

I lied to myself and never spoke the truth

Through it all I'll always Love U

Wishing U the best even though I let this rest

The past I let go, the hurt I washed away

God said, "my child u need to pray."

From all this dismay

The disappointment and frustration

Led me on the right path to success

I no longer stress from all this mess

A mother's love is never too late

I know there are others who can relate

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AdonShar For Real

I focus on creating inspirational poems, educational, and spiritual healing blogs from personal experiences. My topics help motivate people to heal from toxic relationships, mental health, and addictive behaviors.

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