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A Moment to Just Be

by J. Delaney-Howe 2 months ago in nature poetry

And To Breathe

A Moment to Just Be
Photo by Lucas George Wendt on Unsplash

It is late afternoon on a warm fall day and the sun casts its golden light across the field.

The corn has all been harvested, and now I have a panoramic view of the beautiful rolling hills that surround us.

The breeze carries the scent of hay, fresh cut grass, and the flowers still in a late bloom.

Other than the rustling leaves that sound like distant applause.

It is quiet.

So quiet.

I stand on the highest point on my hill.

The sky is stretched out above me like a brilliant blue dome

I see the horizon on all sides of me.

In these few moments I can just be.

I shed the cares of the day like the trees are shedding their leaves and just breathe.





I feel small in the vastness of all I can see from my hill.

I feel freedom in the moment-freedom to just be.

The sun has warmed me, and I absorb its glow.

The leaves are in brilliant color on the hills around me.

The breeze fades away,

A cloud moves in front of the sun.

The silence is broken by a crow.

I am snapped back into my day, refreshed and renewed.

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nature poetry

J. Delaney-Howe

I am an artist at heart, from music, to painting, to furniture building. And as of recently, writing. I am currently working on my second novel. I live in farm country of Central New York with my husband and two of my children.

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J. Delaney-Howe
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