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As the Summer Day Fades

by J. Delaney-Howe about a year ago in nature poetry
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A Perfect Moment

As the Summer Day Fades
Photo by Nelson Santos Jr on Unsplash

The crows start to caw as they fly back and forth between the field behind us and the farm across the hill, then to our stand of maple trees to roost before the sun sets.

The sky puts on a brilliant show, exploding in deep shades of pinks and oranges as the sun sets and the clouds become light purple against that backdrop. It was a warm day today.

There is a scent of flowers that linger, mixed with the smell of hay and soil.

The warm breeze with us all day as we toiled in the garden is gone now, and the corn stalks are still standing at attention.

And there is this moment. This moment of perfect stillness and quiet. A moment just before the noises of a summer night begin. A moment of contentment and peace.

Soon the crickets chirp, and the other bugs begin their drone. Mosquitos swarm overhead, waiting for the perfect landing spot to get a meal. The bats start to fly back and forth overhead, no doubt getting their fill to eat.

The fire is crackling now.

The birds begin to chirp and call again, and they are soon singing the last bit of sunlight into its slumber.

The fire is crackling now, and a gentle breeze begins moving the cornstalks again.

Night sets it.

But that moment. That still, quiet moment, stays with me.

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J. Delaney-Howe

Husband. Father. Artist. Writer. Seeker.

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