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A Miracle of the Mundane

A poem inspired by the opening line from J.C. Olander’s “The Visitation,” in his book, River Light.

By Denise DavisPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
A Miracle of the Mundane
Photo by Daria Rom on Unsplash

"Sometimes I am a chosen witness

for miracles appearing among mundane."

In my cell I sit,

a makeshift basement room

one hundred years old.


From a green box,

I pull

a single stick of incense.

The box breaks my silence.

Distributed by Shoyeido USA

Boulder, Colorado 80301,

it tells me.

Product of Japan

Manufactured and trademark licensed

by Shoyeido Incense Co., Kyoto, Japan,

Ingredients: Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Clove

and spices.

Questions arise.

Who in Boulder, 1,135 miles away, touched

my box in its distribution?

One? A dozen?

What are their names?

For whom do they care?

Who in Kyoto since the 18th century have crafted

incense so I can light a single stick?

Men? Women?

What are their names?

For whom have they cared?

Who in Ceylon, India, Indonesia, planted

the trees that supplied these spices today?

Landowners, laborers, long-time farmers?

What are their names?

For whom do they care?

I flip the box; it speaks again:

Magnifiscents Emerald is its name.

Awareness, its gift.

Suddenly, I see.

I am not alone.

In my hand, I hold

The All.

Within that midst,

I light my single stick

and into

this miracle of mundane

I enter.


About the Creator

Denise Davis

A Manhattan-toasted, Kentucky marinated, Southern Californian, this 60+ year old woman has studied writing, taught writing and admired writing. It's time to actually begin writing. We shall see how this goes.

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