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A Map Dot in Georgia

by Lindsey Warden 11 days ago in nature poetry

Remembering family summers in Georgia.

A Map Dot in Georgia
Photo by LuAnn Hunt on Unsplash

Boiled peanuts, sweet peaches and cold snow cones,

lazy days with a book under pine trees,

catfish stew, slow-cooked, by men in the zone,

reunions and cousins and skinned-up knees.


The family farm has not changed a bit.

Solid red clay on bare feet feels like home.

Fireworks and tall tales, in truck beds we sit.

Family, always, though we all may roam.


A cold watermelon, low-country broil,

volleyball, tag, and some good-natured fun.

Generations before us toiled this soil,

so that we can frolic, play in the sun.


Summers may end and relatives may part,

but those Georgia days live on in my heart.

nature poetry
Lindsey Warden
Lindsey Warden
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Lindsey Warden

I am a mother, writer, and teacher. I write about things that interest me, and I'm committed to entering EVERY Vocal contest and publishing writing EVERY day. I plan to jump wildly from niche to niche as I think, write, create and explore.

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