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A Man

You can't make him stay, Sis!

By Aly OhPublished 4 years ago 1 min read
A Man
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YOU won't make a man stay

only a man can make a man stay

it's in the character that he displays

how he carries himself day by day

how he treats his lady

not cause you have his baby

try as you may

he will only be kept

if that’s what HE

wants to


no matter how good you are

no matter what you give or do


it aint’ got nothin’ to do with you

it is only him that can decide

to be true


to how he regards you

how he decides to behave

it is only him that can make a conscious decision

not to stray

so don’t keep yourself up

wondering what you did wrong

when he did what was in his heart

all along

too many times we sacrifice our flower

and give up our power

in an attempt to satisfy

and at the end of the day, we still cry

he will go cheat

and we will try

somehow to justify

and mentally lie to ourselves

put our expectations on the shelves

of our broken hearts

when WE should have loved ME

and not made that love

dependent on HE

nobody that truly loves you

will make you fight for a spot on their team

tell you to learn to ‘play your position’

while shattering your hopes and dreams

make you feel that you’re inadequate

and they are supreme

or that whats between your thighs

is the only value

you bring


can’t make nobody love you

they do or they don’t

you can keep begging for love

but i truly hope you won’t

you deserve the world, Babygirl

and not just for a moment

when you gain an understanding that love comes from within

I truly hope

you own it

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About the Creator

Aly Oh

I am a mother, writer, lover, poet, nerd, counselor, great cook and snuggler. I am passionate about herbs and natural remedies.

I know a thing-or-two about a thing-or-two.

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    Aly OhWritten by Aly Oh

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