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A Love Supreme

by Caeizar 13 days ago in social commentary / surreal poetry / love poems / inspirational / art
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"...Resting in all your eternal theme..."

Artwork by Alex Cirpriano @alexciprianoart

When you are in the right place and dream

Everything around seems like cream

As you succeed at your every scheme

Perfectly in a love supreme


Writing or gliding all in a stir

Driven by your divine transfer

Empowered by your mighty image

We stare at your supreme visage


Locked into your foremost creative streams

You find and discover amazing things

As new marvels every dawn of day brings

Nothing else could ever truly compare


You give us strength

You give us heart

You give us everything by which we start

These incredible works out-flowing apart


How could we ever possibly compare

What disrespect do we possibly dare

How could we be then so perfectly there

When we can not remake your perfect love


We search so long to seek and truly find

The perfect love to cleanse our torrid mind

When you have been there the entire damn time

Waiting for us to find your pure love rhyme


Where can we escape your reality

Built in impeccable totality

From the highest peaks and lowest vale

To so resist your love brings no avail


I wouldn't have it any other way

Than being in your blessed stay

Resting in all your eternal theme

Resting in A Love Supreme


A Love Supreme

A Love Supreme

A Love Supreme

A Love Supreme

A Love Supreme

A Love Supreme

A Love Supreme

social commentarysurreal poetrylove poemsinspirationalart

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Take a drink from my words and see. See the words that make truly me. Let me be your mysterious guide, to unveil the visage I try to hide.

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