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A long summer

by POETSKY about a year ago in love poems
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A summer's day

compared to see...

is neither fair nor right!

The month of may

appears to be,

as a winter's night.

The moon of June

fails to be,

equivalent delight.

July is bright

but not to me,

my star, my only light.

August is awful

no sunshine to see,

unless she is within sight.

September so dreary

less she be near me,

showing me dizzy new heights.

Rolling hills

lush fields and wolds,

cows, horses and sheep,

Make not

a summers day to me,

unless I hear her speak.

Coniferous trees

on mountain sides,

daisies, bees and buttercups.

Which of these

affect my stride,

like when my sweet shows up?

Life's melodies

birdsong entwined,

serenade aloft in the air.

Blue skies

a vibrant atmosphere,

mean less, my love not near.

Everything glows

in radiant sun,

even dusty vehicles and concrete.

Yet without my heartbeat

summer may come,

still somehow... incomplete.

love poems

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