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A Litany for Survival

For those of us who live at the shoreline

By bishnu prasadPublished about a year ago 1 min read
A Litany for Survival
Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

For we who inhabit the coastline

remaining upon the steady edges of choice

critical and alone

for us who can't enjoy

the passing longs for a decision

who love entryways going back and forth

in the hours between daybreak

searching internally and outward

immediately prior and then afterward

looking for a now that can raise


like bread in our youngsters' mouths

so their fantasies won't reflect

the passing of our own;

For any among us

who were engraved with dread

like a weak line in the focal point of our brows

figuring out how to fear our mom's milk

for by this weapon

this deception of well-being to be found

the weighty footed would have liked to quietness us

For us all

right now and this victory

We were never intended to get by.

Furthermore, when the sun rises we are apprehensive

it probably won't remain

at the point when the sun sets we are apprehensive

it probably won't ascend in the first part of the day

when our stomachs are full we are apprehensive

of heartburn

when our stomachs are unfilled we are apprehensive

we might in all likelihood at no point ever eat in the future

at the point when we are cherished we are apprehensive

love will evaporate

at the point when we are separated from everyone else we are apprehensive

love will stay away forever

what's more, when we talk we are apprehensive

our words won't be heard

nor invited

be that as it may, when we are quiet

we are as yet apprehensive

So it is smarter to talk


we were never intended to get by.

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