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A Letter to Mother Nature

A Poem of Gratitude and Promise

By John PorfyPublished 5 months ago 1 min read
A Letter to Mother Nature
Photo by Brian Stegman on Unsplash

Dear Mother Nature,

I write to you with gratitude and grace,

For your beauty and wisdom, I'm in awe of your embrace.

You've nurtured and cradled this planet we call home,

From the windswept skies to the ocean floor's foam.

Your seasons come and go, each with its own flair,

Autumn's golden hues, winter's crisp, cool air.

Spring's blossoms bloom, while summer's sun beams,

You paint the world anew, like a tapestry of dreams.

Yet, we, your children, have often failed you,

Our actions and choices, we're long overdue,

To heal the wounds we've caused, and to mend our ways,

To respect and honor you, for the rest of our days.

I promise to cherish each moment I find,

With my feet on your soil, and your breeze on my mind.

To be mindful of the impact of my life's pursuit,

And to protect your splendor, your creatures, and roots.

So, dear Mother Nature, I send my love and respect,

For all you have given, and the lessons we'll collect.

May we learn to walk gently upon this Earth,

And preserve your beauty, for future generations' birth.

With love and devotion,

A Humble Earthling

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John Porfy

With a focus on topics such as personal development, mental health, sustainability, and social justice, my articles on Vocal seek to create a safe space for readers to explore new ideas and challenge the status quo.

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