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A Journey Of A Dreamer

"Following the Path of Passion and Purpose"

By Hamza ShafiqPublished 10 months ago 1 min read
A Journey Of A Dreamer
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There was a man with a dream so bold,

His heart and soul, he did unfold,

To reach the stars, he did aspire,

And set his sights, even higher.

Through trials and setbacks, he pressed on,

His courage and determination shone,

With every step, he grew more strong,

And proved to all, that he belonged.

He faced the doubts of those around,

But never let their words bring him down,

For he knew that he was meant for more,

And kept his eyes fixed on the score.

Through sweat and tears, he climbed the peak,

And claimed the victory that he did seek,

His story became an inspiration,

To those who sought their own elation.

For he proved that with a steadfast heart,

And a will that never falls apart,

Any dream can be made a reality,

With the power of sheer tenacity.

So let this story be a guide,

To those who may be lost inside,

For with a dream and faith within,

A hero’s journey can begin.

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Hamza Shafiq

Writer love to inspire the world through my content. I am a Business Man Influencer Historian and Adventurous person follow me to learn more about history facts and knowledge

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  • Emily Binkley10 months ago

    Very inspirational ✨

  • Roy Stevens10 months ago

    Very inspirational. Nice work, Hamza!

  • Mariann Carroll10 months ago

    This is an excellent poem. Very inspirational. Love it 🥰

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