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A Grandmothers Love


By AdonShar For RealPublished about a year ago 1 min read
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A Grandmother’s Love

A grandmother’s love never grows old

It’s pure and sincere that’s why I hold her near

She wiped my tears when I sensed fear

I became every ace in the pack never did I attack

I am wiser from all the liars

A grandmother’s love never grows old

She changed my heart from cold to gold

I’m a fighter who never folds

I became bold as everything unfolds

A grandmother’s love never grows old

She watched me cover up this mess

Even though I was stressed

God said, you are blessed!

A grandmother’s love never grows old

I see clearly now how high I’ve climbed

I branded my name in my own frame

So I can see how far I’ve came

Never will I feel ashamed to be unclaimed

A grandmother’s love never grows old

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About the Creator

AdonShar For Real

I focus on creating inspirational poems, educational, and spiritual healing blogs from personal experiences. My topics help motivate people to heal from toxic relationships, mental health, and addictive behaviors.

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