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A Flower's Worth

by J.B. Miller 10 months ago in nature poetry
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A Poem

A Flower's Worth
Photo by Elizabeth Lewis on Unsplash

Buttercup, Buttercup, my joints do ache.

I’ll rub you in, so my pain you can take.

Lady Mantle, Lady Mantle, caress me with your velvety embrace.

as the dewdrops like blood; your tinctures erase.

Lady Slipper, Lady Slipper, come calm me and help me dream.

only you can ease the tensions that make me want to scream.

Queen Anne’s Lace, Queen Anne’s Lace, you grand old dame.

I will swallow your seeds to hide away my shame.

Foxglove, Foxglove, with your pretty little bells.

you will fix my heart or send me to heaven or hell.

Belladonna, Belladonna, come give me your kiss.

let your sweet deadly lips be my last wish.

Sunflower, Sunflower, take my fever away.

I want to feel the suns warmth, won't you please stay.

Comfrey, Comfrey, seal my wounds.

heal me from battle, give me this boon.

both poisons and protections, these petals both sew.

remember, remember, the gift they give, or the bane they bestow.

nature poetry

About the author

J.B. Miller

Wife, Mother, student, writer and so much more. Life is my passion, writing is my addiction. You can find me on Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/in/brandy28655/

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