A Few for You

A Few Things I'd Do for You

A Few for You

I want to slip through the cracks of the world and go to where the sun is. I want to disappear. I need you here.

I want to chase the stars each night so they can give me my wishes, one by one, until they go outta sight.

I want to turn into rain, show up when you're in pain and be the peaceful sound to make it all go away.

I want to transform myself into your favorite flower and deliver your favorite delicate beauty.

I want to capture each cloud, so your perfection never has to touch the ground.

I want to form all of the oceans, lakes, and rivers into one so I can walk on water to the rhythm of your love.

I want to steal the moon and sell it for profit so you can live stable. I want to be the one who's made you able.

I want to dance in the grass until I've become one with the land. I want to show you everything so please take my hand.

I want you more than you'll ever know,

you and me have plenty of room to grow.

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