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A Family love

Mother cat and her kittens

By Mr.KhanPublished 5 months ago 1 min read
Image by WFranz on PIXABAY

It happened when one day I reopened an old storage room after a long time. The room had old dumped and broken furniture and was full of dust and mud, and had some broken windows as well. An interesting scenario was waiting for me.

So, let’s see what I saw in there:

The mother cat was lying on the floor

Raising her little family inside the door

She seemed worried her stance was defensive

To her nothing else sheer family was expensive

There was a warmth of love care and affection

I let her stay and decided to take no hard action

Withal it made me think what love can do

Man only has emotions the theory can’t be true

Love can make a sparrow fight with a snake

Even if her own dear life is on the stake

Standing before the cat I was a little tense

If felt any threat mother cat could be immense

Fire of love could be seen in her fiery eyes

Surely for her kittens she wouldn’t think twice

I left the room not to bother her more

She would feel easy now I was sure

Yet the love of family wouldn’t let her serene

Opposing my plans she had left the scene

Jaws once used to bite tear and cut a prey

Carried the kittens safely to a home far away

The story could teach a lesson to the Mankind

Albeit life is busy let’s not keep the family behind


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I like to write in Education, Social, History, Tech & cyber sec, sometimes psychology/sentiments too.

Oh, and btw love to talk about horror and paranormal stuff ;)

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