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a day like today.

by lashay 8 days ago in nature poetry

inspired by a friend, who is a little ray of sunshine in a world so dark.

a day like today.
Photo by Pavan Trikutam on Unsplash

on a day like today

my eyes softly open to the sunlight peeking through my blinds

as the sun gently touches my sleeping face to wake me

on a day like today

my muscles will outreach towards the four walls that safely encompass me

as though i am a butterfly inside it's cocoon

preparing to break free and seize every adventure that awaits me

on a day like today

i'll brew some coffee

open my window to view the masterpiece that is nature

the beauty of the colors of all the flowers

the vivid green that is the trees and grass

and the bright blue sky

and i'll listen to the quiet that surrounds me

birds softly chirping

communicating in their singsong language

and as i wonder what it might be like to explore the world the way a bird might do

i'll sit and i'll sip my coffee

humming in contentment

on a day like today

i'll go outside and feel the warmth of sunshine on my skin

i'll pause to smell the roses

and i'll feel the cooling breath of the calm wind

on a day like today

i'll meet a friend

we will talk

and we will laugh

and we will cry

and we will dance

and we will feed our souls what they surely need

a moment to simply be

we will breathe

and we will say goodbye until next time

with love, your friend, me

on a day like today

i will give my body a feast

i will allow myself to try new things

a recipe

fresh ingredients to satisfy my cravings for nourishment

so colorful and vibrant and beautiful

it decorates a platter catered to me

each flavor so much more tantalizing than the last

delicately dancing on my taste buds

so savory and sweet

on a night such as these

i will read a book underneath a candlelight

letting my imagination roam wild through the world that unveils itself through each page i turn

i will make a cup of tea

mix it with honey

and soothe my soul

on a night like tonight

my eyelids will grow heavy

as i sit in my special spot

wrapped up in a blanket so soft and so warm

i feel as though i am drifting away on a cloud

into the colorful sunset that paints a mosaic across the heavens above me

soon revealing the moon in all of her glory

shining bright in the progressively darkening sky

with tiny sprinkles of gold and silver peppering around her

worshiping her beauty

on a night like tonight

as i walk to my room and prepare to rest

i take a breath so deep

and i am reminded of what it feels like to truly be alive

on a night like tonight

i snuggle up in my bed

with too many blankets to count

and rest my head upon my pillows

soon closing my eyes to dream away

about a day like today.

nature poetry
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