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A Dance of Grace

Celebrating Women's Light

By Vijay PaulPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
A Dance of Grace
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In grace and strength, the essence of life,

Emerges a marvel, a force that thrives.

A symphony of beauty, a tapestry divine,

Women, embodiments of love's design.

With hearts ablaze, they carry dreams,

Igniting fires with their resilient beams.

Their spirits soar, like birds in flight,

Defying limits, conquering every height.

They birth new life, with tender care,

Nurturing souls, embracing their share.

They shoulder burdens, carry the weight,

With courage unyielding, they navigate.

In wisdom's embrace, their minds ignite,

Shattering barriers, breaking through the night.

They're artists, leaders, warriors, and more,

Unleashing power from their very core.

From history's pages to futures unknown,

Women's stories resonate, like seeds sown.

Unyielding, fierce, in unity we stand,

Celebrating women, a cherished band.

For in their presence, the world finds grace,

A testament to strength in every embrace.

Oh, women, catalysts of change and light,

Your spirit illuminates, day and night.

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