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A Chaotic World

December 2023

By VPublished 5 months ago 1 min read

In the rhythm of life, the same routine day I began,

A fifteen minutes' drive, turned to a three-hour detour unplanned.

Thoughts swirling through my head, a heavy heart that I bear,

Violence, chaos, and crime fill the air.

People struggling, hurting, and dying,

A surreal existence, it feels as if we're defying.

Earth and its beings, a wish to save,

Deserving more, the humanity we crave.

An exhausted soul, overwhelmed am I,

At this moment, let's appreciate and try.

Love, respect, and a share a smile.

Hold tight, recognize, and make your moments worthwhile.

Tomorrow's uncertain, for people like us,

Only in the present, in the moment, we trust.

There's more to say, but here's a wrap,

Nothing but love, let us bridge this gap.

Respect and love for one another,

In this chaotic world, let's stay safe together.

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  • Manisha Dhalani5 months ago

    Felt like a warm embrace in this cold world. Lovely poem, very real.

  • real Jema5 months ago

    Hi, let's subscribe to each other

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