A Celestial Romance

A Poem

A Celestial Romance

he steals the show, shining bright,

all progeny, of his celestial body,

guiding light, father of sight,

revered through aeons, so fondly,

his rays rush forth, renewing life,

to earth, animal, sky and sea,

the mothers womb, her reflected light,

tidal embrace, mold and caress the seed,

a warm glow, igniting the night,

under her watch, our hearts bleed,

her baleful eye, so pearly white,

by her tending, do our souls feed,

but the love they share, so overwhelming,

the sky so big, still not enough for sharing,

and so that she can have her life,

he sacrifices himself every night,

takes her place, and plays her part,

woes of longing, of being apart,

dreaming of his divine light,

she holds it close to light the night,


surreal poetry
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