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200 Million

A Poem

By Kale Bova Published 26 days ago Updated 26 days ago 1 min read

In an age when carnivores clashed with herbivores,

the planet was ruled by a vast race of reptilian dinosaurs.

Dramatic battles raged across the continent, permitting the

descendants of the survivors to claim territorial dominance.

Omnivores kept to the shadows, consuming the nutrients of the carnage,

while adolescent megalodons evolved in the shallows -

feasting on the discarded limbs of the warring battle's garbage.

Although chaotic, the ecosystems remained tremendously balanced,

for every ounce of soft flesh required hides that were calloused.

The Earth was the ship and the dinosaurs were ballast.

Steady as she went until the reckoning of malice,

when the soldiers of fire blackened the aurora borealis.

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Kale Bova

Author | Poet | Dog Dad | Nerd

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Comments (3)

  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran26 days ago

    Oooo, my favourite were the last 3 lines! Fantastic poem!

  • I was deeply impressed by its vivid imagery and powerful storytelling. Your depiction of the ancient world ruled by dinosaurs was both dramatic and evocative, bringing to life a time of chaos and balance. The way you weave nature's brutality with poetic elegance is truly remarkable. Thank you for sharing such a compelling piece. Best regards, Dr. Jay

  • Novel Allen26 days ago

    The soldiers of fire indeed. With the world getting more vulnerable, what would be our chances, puny as we are. I wonder what the next event will be. Food for thought are your poetical words.

Kale Bova Written by Kale Bova

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