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13 Deep, 6 Feet Under

Sometimes evidence can't be buried when you're married to this side of society.

By ~Awakened~Published about a year ago 1 min read

I rest underground _

Hey listen to the sound _

I think I finally found _

The reason I'm around

Mind's eye finally open

And I'm hoping I ain't choking

Think I stutter when I flutter

Butter-fly high, overdosing

Robitussin with the pills _

How can I ever heal

From the damage that I deal _

Daily smoking on the pack _

Years I can't get back _

She told me to relax

Said to focus on my health _

I wish I would have listened _

I wish I would have known

Before I answered the phone _

The pain I'd undergo

When she never came home

Last call, barely breathing

Now I'm leaving for the bitch

Who always had me seething -

I need help!

Please save me from this hell _

My fortune couldn't tell

Thirteen hurting underground _

And my heart's still sinking

While I'm thinking about them _

Too bad she's not around

Or else I never would have fell

To the pit of my despair, _

This dark and evil lair _

I hope the jailor let's me loose from the noose of my critics _

Before this sentence turns into an instance

Of a victim of statistiiics

performance poetry

About the Creator


Silence. Ego can be one's downfall, as well as a wall that must be broken down to breach the fifth dimension. This, you must remember in the times to come.

(In case there is any confusion, this is Zap Aura's updated page)

Twitter: @ZapAura

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