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By Chris PagianPublished 2 years ago 6 min read

In the early days of Marvel's "Silverguard 3" movie project, there was news that the movie's villain boss was set to be "Supreme Evolution", and then it was revealed that actor Chukwudi Fuji would play this role, and at this San Diego Comic-Con, this rumor was also completely confirmed.

And in the "Silverguard 3" promotional site, Chukwudi Fuji directly to the "supreme evolution" posture, also set off countless fans of the cry.

For the role of "Supreme Evolution", earlier when I had talked about him, but, at that time, also through the early role of the rumors simply lumped together, this time since Marvel officially hammered the role, we will talk about him today: [1] the pursuit of biological evolution.

[1] the pursuit of biological evolution borders on obsession.

In the original, the supreme evolution itself is not what aliens, in fact, the supreme evolution of the original name Herbert Wyndham, comics had in the 1930s in Oxford University for biological evolution experiments, when Herbert researched a genetic gas pedal, the use of such devices, Herbert constantly conduct a variety of biological evolution experiments.

But, the research involving the genes of species, more or less with a touch of ethical pressure, and at that time Herbert's experiments were also rejected and disliked by many people, for this reason, Herbert finally took the experimental equipment himself to the Balkan Peninsula of the Vendor Mountains here for experiments.

In this experiment, Herbert himself tried the evolutionary device, so that the evolution into a million years after the human will become like, his brain can now perceive the past, present, and future, and the universe as one, and it is, therefore, Herbert completed the transformation from human to "supreme evolution" identity, and here, at this time is already Here, by this time, Herbert was already a highly evolved Herbert used the evolutionary device to form an army of orcs for himself called the "Knights of Wanda Gore".

[2] Creating the "Counterpart Earth".

Having the ability to evolve creatures with evolutionary light, the Supreme Evolution built a "Counterpart Earth" directly in the orbit of the galaxy opposite to Earth and used evolutionary light to make this newborn planet complete billions of years of evolutionary evolution in just a few hours.

Creating a habitable planet for himself and his Order~

However, for the Supreme Evolution, this is not his ultimate goal, in fact, after seeing the power of the evolutionary light from himself, the Supreme Evolution is planning to evolve all humans once again!

Do not see the Supreme Evolution predecessor is only human, but in the completion of his evolution, in the strength of some comic books gods are forced to recognize his tough, typically "Uncle Tun" -

In the original, just after the Supreme Evolution completed the construction of the corresponding Earth and biological evolution, this planet with strong life energy is naturally on the menu of the planet devourer, but in the swallowing uncle ready to come to swallow the "corresponding Earth" when the Supreme Evolution directly to their giant, to counter the attack of the swallowed star.

It was also in this battle that Uncle Tun finally failed to eat the meal and acknowledged the strength of the Supreme Evolution.

And for the ability of the Supreme Evolution set, the original is more than that -

From the detonation of stars to being able to create pockets of black holes, the existence of the Supreme Evolution is nearly comparable to the gods of the universe, and even the Supreme Evolution once claimed to have seen the birth of the Milky Way and the destruction of the stars of the universe, knowing the end of the reality of the universe of every possible existence ......

For this reason, in the original manga, Supreme Evolution also intended to make their construction of "counterpart Earth" and the original Earth fusion together.

But are you going to say that Supreme Evolution is simply a villainous setting?


Because according to the original Marvel setting, to the stage of the Supreme Evolution, the so-called ethical and moral restrictions are reduced to a choice of need and do not need, for the Supreme Evolution, the fusion of two piles of earth to create a super-Earth, the process will cause the extinction of the Earth's human proposition here he does not hold, because, in the Supreme Evolution here, human beings are only a possible outcome of evolution.

He is perfectly capable of deriving a new race of humans from nothing in a matter of hours if needed.

This is not indifference to life, but beyond the perception of life and death of independent individuals, life to higher evolution seems to be just an experimental element, there and nothing can be achieved by their own needs, which is considered a sense of indifference to higher dimensions of evolution.

[3] In the original, the highest evolution had a relationship with Wanda and Quick Silver.

Wanda and Quick Silver's identity, in Marvel, has undergone several changes, early on most of our knowledge of Wanda and Quick Silver is that the two of them are the sons and daughters of Magneto, but in the new version of Marvel's plot setting, Wanda and Quick Silver were again confirmed not to be the sons and daughters of Magneto.

In the comic book "Extraordinary Avengers" series of episodes, this branch of the Supreme Evolution has revealed that Wanda and Quick Silver in the year when they were infants in swaddling clothes were stolen by themselves, and a series of experiments in the Vendagore Mountain, so in this version of the plot, Wanda and Quick Silver's ability is somehow the product of the Supreme Evolution experiment.

Only at that time to keep their experiments secret, which will be disguised as a mutant.

(The original in the Wanda Gore Mountain this episode also happened in the Underworld God Sithorne attempted to break through the dimensional seal back to Earth, in the Supreme Evolution and others to confront Sithorne, Sithorne in the departure of the Wanda perceived the existence of the power of chaos given to the Wanda, attempting to make the Wanda into years later for their use, and this is also the Wanda Chaos magic to set.)

After that, at the end of a series of events, the Supreme Evolution sent Wanda and Quick Silver back to their biological parents, Django Maximoff and Maya Maximoff, in the name of sending them back for adoption. Silver's love, unaware that Wanda and quicksilver are their biological children.

However, in Marvel's Scarlet Witch v2 series, the origin of this Wanda has overturned again, set to Wanda and Quick Silver was born by Natalia (the last Scarlet Witch), adoptive parents Django Maximoff and Maya Maximoff are their aunt and uncle.

Of course, the present-day film version of the universe naturally does not have such a messy origin, but from the current point of view, the supreme evolution that will come online afterward in "Silverguard 3" should be magically altered, for example, by setting it as an alien and also the creator of Rocket Raccoon.

Earlier, the network circulated on the set of "Silverguard 3" a large number of monster-headed persona dragon characters, which should be the "corresponding Earth" setting of the Supreme Evolution.


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