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Ant-Man 3" villain boss

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By Chris PagianPublished 5 months ago 5 min read

As the opening of the fifth stage, Marvel's "Ant-Man 3" in this San Diego Comic-Con has also announced a teaser trailer, but the current video of this teaser trailer out of basically all the fans attending the meeting shot, the official version of the trailer is not yet online.

But from the news at some of the previous shows, "Ant-Man 3" basically has 3 identified points to see set: 1.

1, three insects in the same frame, in addition to the Wasp Woman and Ant-Man, instead of Emma Foreman to become Marvel's new "Ant-Man's daughter" actress Katherine Newton, this time will also be in the film wearing a purple Ant-Man battle suit, and their father to fight together.

2, the plot of the film will focus on the quantum realm, fans will see many civilizations and characters in the quantum dimension, where the original Wasp Woman lived for a long time will see their old friends in the quantum dimension (played by Bill Murray role), the conqueror - Kang will also be online in the quantum dimension.

3. there is also the villainous role of Mordoc in the Quantum Dimension, and sources say that Modoc, formerly known as the shrunken Yellow Jacket in Ant-Man 1, was transformed into the shape of Modoc after entering this place.

In addition to this -

As the fifth stage may begin to run through to the sixth stage of the top boss, the conqueror - Kang itself in the original to see the point in no way weaker than the exterminator, and in the Marvel comics, about the conqueror - Kang there are very many spinoff settings, or very interesting.

Here are a few briefly.

[1] Conqueror - Kang has a relationship with the Fantastic Four.

In the original Marvel setting, the Conqueror - Kang was born in 3000 AD in another dimension of the Earth, the original name Nathaniel Richards, familiar with the role of Marvel fans should have an impression of this "Richards" surname, Marvel's setting, also has Richards and more famous, that is, the Fantastic Four Mr. Fantastic.

Conqueror Kang is the descendant of Mr. Fantastic's lineage!

Once in his early childhood, Kang was often bullied, but in an accident, Kang found his ancestors left about the heroic era of the Earth (the main universe) of the tape, it is this tape that opened the door to conquer the multi-dimensional timeline world.

However, although the conqueror - Kang is the descendant of Mr. Fantastic, in fact in the comics conqueror - Kang can not take into account the relationship of ancestors, the fight, the kill ~

[2] rely on the timeline to conquer the space-time universe, the conqueror - Kang in theory can not be completely killed.

And many Marvel Universe boss settings are different, the conqueror-conquering way is to rely on different time differences because originated in the future, so the conqueror-conqueror has a time machine such equipment, it also relies on this type of equipment, the conqueror-conqueror regularly relies on time differences, after crossing time, the use of equipment far beyond the current timeline to conquer the world of the timeline.


Conqueror Kang had built a sphinx ship landed in the ancient Egyptian timeline, despite the blindness of the Conqueror Kang in this period, but still rely on the future of technology to lead, directly ruling the entire ancient Egyptian period, and the Earth in the 40th century period of the Earth timeline, this period of the Earth has been completely conquered by the Conqueror Kang to conquer ruled away.

Counted as the conqueror-conqueror in the comic book-conqueror-conquering period of high light.

It is also because the conqueror-conquering the world each time the way involves the timeline, so in a different timeline, each crossing of Kang will give rise to a divergent time branch, this situation also means that to completely kill the conqueror-conqueror is almost impossible, because to kill the conqueror-conqueror, you have to kill all the timeline of Kang, but each moment each timeline of Kang Each time you cross, and will spawn a new branch and a new time branch on the Conqueror - Kang, which is considered an infinite number of settings.

And in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's "Rocky" setting, the original sole Conqueror-Con was the sum of all the timelines, forming a sacred timeline, which achieved the unification of the Con, but after being taken out by Silver, the sacred timeline began to crumble, and each crumbling time reality will spawn a Conqueror-Con.

But not every conqueror-con will be and "Rocky" so good talk is it ~

[3] There was a teenage version of "Iron Man" in the version of Conqueror Kang.

Conqueror - Kang in different timelines have many different variants of themselves, and one of the time Conqueror - Kang's variant versions is the Marvel Junior Avengers in the role of "Iron Man".

The Iron Boy is seen as a teenage version of Iron Man.

As for the emergence of this variant, to some extent, it also has to be attributed to the Conqueror - Kang himself, in a return to the past timeline, the Conqueror - Kang found a teenage version of himself in this timeline, and told his teenage self in the future will become a "Conqueror".

But this way of pulling up the seedlings directly backfired -

Teenage Kang does not want to grow up to become a villain, for this reason, directly stole his own future Conqueror battle armor, using the time machine to travel to the "Avengers Disbanded" timeline, and in this timeline to form the later "Junior Avengers "!


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